Thursday, May 3, 2012

Have You Eaten Wild Today?

    Wild Carrots on a bed of Clover

This is my favorite time of the year for foraging. I work as a gardener, and one of the fringe benefits is all the delicious weeds I get to snack on all day! Here are some wild carrots I took home and added to my soup for lunch.

While I love eating food out of the garden, wild foods satisfy my soul on an even deeper level because when I eat them I am connecting to the intelligence of the earth herself. Wild foods are not planted, they choose where they want to grow because it is the best place for them to flourish. When you eat a wild plant you connect back through aeons of time to our hunter-gatherer ancestors. It's nearly impossible for us to imagine what their consciousness was like, I think, but many modern indigenous peoples speak of plants communicating with them directly. For me, eating wild foods is a step toward re-connecting with the earth's consciousness through these vivid tastes, sharp on the tongue, they awaken the wild within me who dares to dream we can return to truly sensing Earth as a living being.

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