Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Fruit

If you've been wandering the roads of Block Island, you've probably noticed the apple trees are full of fruit, much of it fallen on the ground. Most people just drive over the apples or leave them to rot on the ground, but I was encouraged to hear that some friends of mine foraged bucketloads and pressed their own cider, and are in the process of brewing some hard cider as well.

This is a good time to gather and preserve herbs like mullein and goldenrod to use as medicinal plants over the winter. You can look up various ways of preserving them on-line. I just like to dry them and brew them as tea when needed. I love the soft leaves of mullein. There is a wonderful poem by H.D. that mentions mullein:


If you take the moon in your hands

and turn it round

(heavy, slightly tarnished platter)

you're there;

if you pull dry sea-weed from the sand

and turn it round

and wonder at the underside's bright amber,

your eyes

look out as they did here,

(you don't remember)

when my soul turned round,

perceiving the other-side of everything,

mullein-leaf, dogwood-leaf, moth-wing

and dandelion-seed under the ground.

How can you not stop and caress them when you pass them blooming out of a stonewall?
And last, in honor of tonight's full moon, this photo taken at the Hodge Property a couple of weeks ago.

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